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I came I saw I sewed

Master thesis

How can art and crafts be used in contemporary technical landscape project? I did my master thesis in collaboration with the engineer firm Sweco and used embroidery as main media. Just as building architecture has a connection with sculpture, landscape architecture has a connection with textile. With help from the embroidery I could develop a planting design for a new housing area in Lyngby called trongården.



Landscape projekt from KADK

I did an exchange semester at KADK and had a course that was called Landskabskunst with professor Kristine Jensen. We worked with Grøndalsparken in København. My proposal was how the plants could create an identity for the park, by adding different monocultures from north to south different experiences and atmospheres where created along the 2 km long narrowed park.


Work from Sweco

I've worked as a assistent to the landscape architects at Sweco, department of Water and energy for 1,5 year. Here are some examples of the work I did there. Mostly visualizations, drawings and other graphical tasks.

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Queens forest

Landscape studio

On my first year of the masterprogram I had a course called Landscape studio with Peter Lundsgaard. The assignment was to design a garden in Amager filled that was so good that it would stop the current plans of making rulings in the area. During the course we also had a inspiring trip to France where we visit a lot for parks in Paris and Borde.

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Urban Wilderness of Nørrebro

Urbanism studio

This project is aiming to increase 
existing wildlife at Nørrebro by designing habitats suited for bats, squirrels and hedgehogs which are already living in the area and are red listed. The strategy is to create both natural and artificial 
habitats with plant and tree species to enhance the environment for these animals. In the future some streets will also get closed and transformed into green areas with meadows and trees to reduce cars. The project is a group work from the coarse Urbanism studio, my first year at the 

Collgae utkickstorn ljusare utan mennske



Bachelor project tat I did in connection with internship at COBE. Made a design proposal for Nordhavstippen.


4 badstop i naturpark Amager


This project is from the course “Håndværk og æstetik inom landskabsarkitektur” at the second year of the bachelor. The course made us discover a site from an 
æstetic perspective, using our senses in the registration and later on translate that for a concept and design proposal. We worked in Amager Naturpark and my 
proposal was to place 4 different bridges for bathing along the dake. The concept was to make it easy to stop on your bike and take a bath. All the different bathing stops is design for different user groups.